Die Zeit mit Cantico Nuovo war für mich die schönste Chor-Zeit.  Roland Willareth

Stimmen zu "My Spirit Rejoyceth" - 16. und 17. Juli 2016

I found the choir to be excellent, the music very well chosen and the setting with candles and the processional very effective. Reverend Christopher Jage-Bowler

The Evensong was just wonderful and Cantico's musical peformance pure and very sensitive. The program was more for the poular ear from my point of view (Rheinberger) but my favorites were the modern pieces (Nees, Miskinis, Gielo but specially Bährens) - here the choir seemed even more lively and committed. In general I was impressed by the well balanced voices and choir sections, the sopranos really like one voice, soft and flexible. A wonderful concert! Heidi Hanf, Alto singer from Matthäus-Kantorei

The concert was just great - thank you! The sound was amazing, such a high level of intonation, articulation and rhythm and a perfect mix of repertoire. It had nearly King's Singers level but with very beautiful female voices. Am your absolute fan now! Karin Rodde

Dera Mr Bährens, I have just come home from the Matthäuskirche and want to congratulate you to this fine concert! Dr. Harald Hantsche

I was very pleased thet an amateur choir can sing so beautifully. I can only say: go on like that! Ulrich Löns, Rundfunkchor Berlin

Let me thank you again - also in the name of my friends - for this fantastic concert with your wonderful vocal ensemble! Hildegard Vollmer

Ich möchte Dir – auch im Namen meiner Freunde – noch einmal für das grandiose Konzert mit Deinem wunderbaren Vokalensemble danken! Die Begeisterung einiger „Heilsbronner“ konnte ich dann auch noch mitbekommen. Hildegard Vollmer

Comments on Dido & Aeneas

1000 Thanks for the perfect organisation and the excellent music making! We all enjoyed it very much and we are looking forward to the coming projects together with you! Beatrix Hellhammer, orchestra leader

Many thanks for four inspirational days with this winderful piece! Peter Uehling, Cembalist and music critic

Everybody I have spoken to was totally amazed. Sad for those who could not come to our concerts. Thank you very much, we will carry these concerts in our hearts for a long time. Katrin Pinkert, choir member

Your performance of Dido & Aeneas was magnificent and we thoroughly enjoyed it in every respect: the soloists, the choir, the instrumentalists, and not forgetting Michael Hoffmann. We were particularly struck be the Cantico Nuovo’s singing and the way they „played their parts“, crowned by the lovely effect of having them finally either side of the audience, each holding a flower as they sang! How beautifully sung, too, was Dido`s final lament – but here I must also mention Matthias Jahrmärker, Judith Simonis and Anne Bretschneider, and also the superlatve way you hold the whole together. It was an unforgettable evening!   Dr. Robert Golding

I am still like in heaven after our wonderful musical weekend and I am very happy about these wonderful musical moments with so many committed musicians! Anne Bretschneider, Solo-Soprano (Belinda)

Your abilty to go to the vocal maximum while at the same time act with enthusiasm (witches scene) and after that produce a soft and touching sound is absolutely remarkeable! Not necessary to mention the rest, clear articulation, lively-rhythmical expression et.al. Gratulations for this great concert!  Andreas Lisius, pianist

We were stunned by orchestra, choir and soloists! We love Purcell and have today listened to our Dido CDwe have at home - your performance was clearly much more lively and the singers, specially Dido, a class of their own!  Gabriele Holl

Super production of the concert version (partially acted) of Purcell's Dido & Aeneas, by Cantico Nuovo, Concerto Grosso Berlin, conducted by Christian Bährens at Matthäuskirche in Berlin Steglitz! I would have happily paid more than the ticket cost for such an excellent performance - total pleasure from the frist note to the last!   Stephen Gudgel

Welch einen Hochgenuss haben Sie uns gestern abend bereitet! Musikalische Tiefe, szenisch - mit Witz - untermalt. Und, inzwischen fast eine Ausnahme geworden, ein aussagekräftiges Programmheft. Sabine Eyer war überragend, Lotta Hultmark vor allem eine wunderbare Hexe, Judith Simonis eine eindrucksvolle, stimmlich wie szenisch, Zauberin. Beeindruckend war auch Matthias Knop, der sich deutlich weiter entwickelt hat und wirklich auch stimmlich über eine Ausstrahlung verfügt. - Sie sind ein Genuss zu erleben - alles im Blick, bei leichten Unsicherheiten stärken Sie, Höhepunkte arbeiten Sie wundervoll heraus. Und der Chor - so stimmstark, was man in der Endszene noch einmal richtig deutlich erlebt hat, als sie uns umrahmten, uns so nahe kamen.   Dr. Gunnilla Neukirchen, Direktorin des Beethoven-Gymnasiums