Most people live for a house. But some live for a song.  Eva Strittmatter


Dear visitor!

In my wonderful hometown Berlin I am active as conductor of various choirs, as singing teacher and voice trainer for other choirs, as part-time teacher of music at Beethoven Gymnasium. Whenever I find the time I am alos active as a solosionger and composer.

You can roam this hopmepage and find out more about my ensembles, the upcoming concerts, workshops and my teaching options. You also find interesting musical (and other) recommendations and listen to different music files of my repertoire. Do not hesitate to add to the guest book or get into contact with.

I am sorry that can reconstruct the English version of my website only from time to time and that some passages are still in German. I will do my best to improve all the entries soon.

Enjoy roaming, reading and listening!


During the Corona pandemic all musical activities have been restricted or made impossible. All visitors of my homepage I wish good health and strength for these difficult times!

Seven Psalms

My new composition has recently been published by Ferrimontana: Seven Psalms for Bass oder Alto solo - Details: Kompositionen

O magnum mysterium

O magnum mysterium

For some weeks my new choral works have benn available at NORSK in Oslo: O magnum mysterium (SATB) - Ave Maria (SATB & SSAA) - The Lord is my light and my salvation (SMATB) and "Du gehst durch unsre Träume" (SATB). Details: Norsk

Chorkonzert zum Advent - unter Vorbehalt

Falls der momentane Teil-Lockdown im Dezmber wieder aufgehoben wird und Konzertveranstaltungen mögloch sind, wird der Wilmersdorfer Kammerchor zum ersten Mal nach langer Zeit wieder ein Konzert geben, und zwar am Sonntag 13. Dezember 2020 um 18 Uhr in der Matthäuskirche Steglitz. Es erklingen Motteten und Lieder zu Advent und Weihnachten sowie Improvisationen für Saxophon von Sven Bährens. Das Konzert wird unter den aktuellen Hygienebedingungen durchgeführt und etwa 60 Minuten dauern. Der Eintritt ist frei. Nähere informationen finden Sie unter WILMA im Advent

Last Update:  30 July, 2020