DEUTSCHES REQUIEM für Chor a cappella

At the end of last year my "Deutsches Requiem für Chor a cappella" was published by Ferrimontana. I had worked on this seven-part piece for two years with some brekas for other projects, and now it is awaiting its premier performance. You can read the demo score and at the same time listen to the sounds in a fascinating way, not computerized, but in a wonderful, brand-new organ version, played by Patrick Wildermuth.  You can also read the preface and the texts. You can order the score directly at  Ferrimontana

  1. Deutsches Requiem - Prolog, Nr.1 & 2 (Patrick Wildermuth, Orgel)

  2. Deutsches Requiem - Nr. 3 & 4 (Patrick Wildermuth, Orgel)

  3. Deutsches Requiem - Nr. 5 (Patrick Wildermuth, Orgel)

  4. Deutsches Requiem - Nr. 6 & 7 und Epilog (Patrick Wildermuth, Orgel)