SEVEN SEA SONGS (german) for voice and piano (guitar) and an optional melody instrument

The SEA SONGS came to life in the last Corona months and have been published by Ferrimontana recently. They will be perfomed on the Baltic island Hiddensee in August. Here you find the texts and the beginning of each song in score, audiofiles and finally the translation of the poems in English.

  1. 1. Stimmen des Meeres (provisional recording)

  2. 2. Klarer Tag (provisional recording)

  3. 3. Meeresstille (provisional recording)

  4. 4. Am Meerufer (provisional recording)

  5. 5. Das Meer (provisional recording)

  6. 6. Meeresstille (provisional recording)

  7. 7. Meeresstrand (provisional recording)